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合作伙伴开发sophisticated repair scheme for returns

Aim is to repair at least 25,000 damaged garments by the end of this year.

22nd September 2023

Innovation in Textiles


Following a successful pilot scheme, Amsterdam-headquartered digital fashion outlet Otrium is launching a dedicated garment refurbishment and repair programme for damaged returns.

The initiative is being run in partnership with Dutch supply chain management specialist Bleckmann and its Renewal Workshop team.

Most of the returns that Otrium currently receives can be easily restored and put back on sale. In rare cases, however, returned items are damaged

“Thanks to our partnership with Bleckmann and its Renewal Workshop we can now repair the majority of damaged returns and put them back into circulation,” said Kevin Carolan, director of logistics at Otrium. “We are happy that we can use our position in the fashion supply chain to accelerate towards reducing the volume of garments that go to landfill.”

Since 2020, Otrium has been exploring refurbishment and repairs with Bleckmann. In April 2023, both partners started a three-month pilot at Bleckmann’s facility in Almelo, Netherlands, to expand the programme with a broader range of repairs and optimised processes through data use. During the pilot, the Renewal Workshop refurbished more than 1,000 returned garments, shoes and accessories for Otrium each month.

“With hundreds of high-end labels on the platform, we needed an efficient solution tailored to the needs of a wide range of products – from shoes and coats to bags,” explained Marlot Kiveron, head of sustainability at Otrium. “The Renewal Workshop team worked closely with us to develop a streamlined and scalable process, delivering like-new repairs at the speed of e-commerce.”

Bleckmann’s integrated data capabilities were also crucial to the success of the partnership.

“Data collection and analysis can be vital in demonstrating commercial viability,” said Tamara Zwart, director of renewal at Bleckmann. “Using our advanced stock tracking systems, we determined that 70% of the renewed Otrium stock had been sold within seven weeks. We’re all delighted with the results.”

总部设在Oldenzaal Bleckmann,荷兰, is a market leader in supply chain management (SCM) services for fashion and lifestyle brands. Founded in 1862, it developed from a transport company to a full supply chain solutions provider with specific expertise in e-fulfilment. From its strong base in Europe, the company expanded into the US and Asia, enabling it to serve customers around the world. Its investments and extensive experience in IT solutions ensure it offers a uniform platform to customers worldwide. With a turnover of €545 million and 5,000 employees globally, Bleckmann has the size and flexibility to provide world-class solutions for its clients.

Otrium was launched in Amsterdam in 2017 and in the USA in October 2021.

Earlier this year, with the support of climate tech start-up Vaayu, it published theOtrium Impact Report2022, a comprehensive analysis of the carbon emissions and waste that can be avoided with modern off-price business models. The report explores the broader role that businesses like Otrium can play in contributing to a more circular fashion industry by providing an alternative to waste streams for unsold stock. In 2022, based on the calculations, Otrium prevented 6,496 tons of carbon emissions (CO₂e) and 104 tons of waste by providing fashion brands with a profitable solution to clearing unsold inventory.

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