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NatureWorks on course in Thailand

Rise in demand for Ingeo biopolymers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

23rd October 2023

Innovation in Textiles
|Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand


NatureWorks reports significant progress on the construction of its new fully integrated Ingeo PLA biopolymer manufacturing facility in Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand.

The plant will include facilities for lactic acid fermentation, lactide monomer production and polymerization and have an annual capacity of 75,000 tons producing the full portfolio of Ingeo grades.

“The construction of our new facility is a significant undertaking that represents N continued investment both in the Asia Pacific region and in the expansion of the biobased materials market,” said Steve Bray, VP of operations at NatureWorks. “We have seen a rise in demand for Ingeo biopolymers throughout the Asia Pacific region and this new complex will allow us to continue to sustainably and efficiently supply our markets with the highest quality biopolymers.”

现在关键设备onsite, including the melt crystallizer, which will allow production of the full portfolio of high performance Ingeo grades ,including those designed for high heat applications.

The construction of the new facility will support rapid growth in multiple different markets including 3D printing, nonwovens for hygiene, compostable coffee capsules, tea bags, flexible packaging, and sustainable food serviceware. Construction is on track to support projected start-up activities and full production in 2025.

Ingeo biopolymer produced at this site will be made from sugarcane – an annually renewable feedstock that is locally abundant and will be sourced from farms within a 50-kilomette radius of the Nakhon Sawan site.

“Over the last decade, the global materials market has increasingly prioritised the use of biobased, sustainably sourced materials in order to reduce the impact on climate and facilitate climate-friendly processes like food scrap diversion from landfill to compost through the use of compostable materials,” said Jill Zullo, NatureWorks CEO. “The market’s evolution has redefined the scope of what we can accomplish, allowing us to think bigger when it comes to our manufacturing expansion. This new facility will enable us to meet growing consumer demand and continue providing unparalleled service to our international customer base.”

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