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Circulose in 50% blend for denim

Parters move at pace to introduce new level of textile waste content.

30th October 2023

Innovation in Textiles


Advance Denim introduced the first denim collection featuring Gracell x Circulose viscose made with a 50% blend of Circulose pulp at the recent Kingpins show in Amsterdam.

The collection was made possible through the determination of Grace to commercialise viscose with a higher Circulose blend and Advance Denim’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of more sustainable denim manufacturing.

Circulose is the branded dissolving pulp created by Renewcell. The pulp, made of 100% recycled textiles, is the feedstock for manmade cellulosic fibres and can be blended with wood pulp at the fibre production phase. Gracell is a high-tenacity viscose produced by China’s Yibin Grace.

Two fabrics have been constructed from blends of cotton, Gracell x Circulose viscose in weights of 9.4 and 10.4 oz per square yard.

“We value the pace at which this partnership came together as it is evident both Advance Denim and Grace are upholding their commitments to sustainability and that they recognise the urgency for action,” said Patrik Lundström, CEO of Renewcell.

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