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Bringing personalised embroidery to Berlin

H&M and Coloreel in-store pilot aims to enhance the brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

24th October 2023

Innovation in Textiles


Global fashion retailer H&M has joined forces with Coloreel to introduce a new approach to customised embroidery.

At the H&M Alexa store in Berlin, consumers are invited to personalise their apparelfrom a collection of expressive designs that are being updated every week as part of the H&Mbeyond in-store pilot. The designs can be exploredhere.

Coloreel is redefining the art of embroidery by offering an unlimited spectrum of colours at the touch of a button and the technology also reduces wastewater by a remarkable 97% while utilising recycled thread, marking a significant step towards more sustainable production.

“Our partnership with Coloreel reflects our commitment to enhancing the shopping experience through innovative solutions,” said Oliver Lange, head of H&Mbeyond. “By embracing this advanced technology we can offer our customers a unique and engaging store visit.”

H&M and Coloreel want to further explore ways to create exciting brick-and-mortar shopping experiences and analyze the influence that a disruptive technology like Coloreel’s has on in-store purchases.

“我们很自豪与H&M引入new era of personalised fashion,” says Mattias Nordin, SVP of product management at Coloreel. “Together we are redefining the boundaries of traditional embroidery, empowering customers to express their individuality.”

While the service currently extends to products within the store, there are plans to enable customers to embroider their existing garments with a view to extending the lifespan of apparel and gaining a positive environmental impact.

To see the selection of available embroidery designs,

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